Editing for start-ups and small business

I want to make it easy for your customers to understand what you offer. Really easy.

You want to get your website and marketing in shape, and you need it to be fast and affordable.

Let me take on the words.

I will edit existing content quickly and charge only for the time it takes. Depending on the number of pages, it could be done in a day.

Get in touch for a free consultation to find out how I can help you.

Power of accessible writing

You know everyone benefits from accessibility and inclusivity in our built environment. The same is true about the words we use, and how we use them.

As an access or inclusive design consultant, or related professional, you want your audit reports, tenders and case studies to be seen as:

  • professional
  • easy to read
  • free from distracting typos

You want your executive summaries to explain key recommendations clearly with no loss of technical accuracy.
My proof-editing and copy-editing services can help you achieve this. Let’s write in a way that works with how humans read.


‘A joy to work with’

‘I loved how adaptable to my needs, timely, and straightforward the whole process was. Rather than faff about with endless emails, a face-to-face meet and a few short phone calls really pulled it together quickly. Changes that I wanted to be made were implemented immediately.

‘I have limited time and trying to sit down and talk about myself in a positive and professional way was difficult and time consuming. What would have taken me months took Rebecca days, saving me time and in the end money. She was a joy to work with. Her insights and personality are really just pleasant to be around. I would absolutely recommend her!’

Dorothy Barrick, founder of Dot’s Cookin’.

‘Quickly gets tone, meaning and message’

‘Rebecca finds the right words for what I want to say, quickly getting the tone, meaning and message. She’s written everything from website content to blogs and checked and edited my presentations. She’s an asset to any professional or business looking for well thought out, meaningful content.’

Sandie Dennis, employee support specialist. Return to work, bereavement and EMDR therapist. Confidence to Return

‘Delivers a clear, consistent and memorable message’

Rebecca is a skilled and strategic editor who ensured my website, and other marketing materials, deliver a clear, consistent and memorable message to my customers and prospects. She takes time to understand your unique story, message and target audience to craft copy that provides clarity and establishes trust.

Joanna Michaels, social media trainer and coach. Facebook #SheMeansBusiness accredited trainer. Beyond Social Buzz

‘Rebecca played an important part in the growth of Dry Drinker’

I’m good at business but rubbish at writing> I can trust Rebecca to get it right. Thanks to her, customers praise our product descriptions. She’s played an important part in the growth of Dry Drinker, which is now the UK’s largest independent alcohol free specialist.

Stuart Elkington, founder of Dry Drinker, UK’s largest independent alcohol-free specialists

Choice of editing level

I want to make it easy for your customers or audience to read and understand what you offer.

All editing builds a foundation that:

  • supports your marketing and online search
  • builds your brand identity
  • answers customer questions before they are asked

You choose the level of editing you need. 

So, you might want me to:

  • be your second pair of eyes and check for accuracy in a finished document
  • bring consistency and flow to a multi-authored report.
  • or help create your About Page from a list of ideas.

Different levels of editing

1. Proof-editing or proofing

Proof-editing is about spotting small mistakes at the last minute. I keep it simple and check spelling, grammar, consistency and factual accuracy. The aim is to change as little as possible.

This is good for important documents that you have spent a long time on. It offers an objective view.

2. Copy-editing – basic and developmental

Copy-editing starts with your existing copy. It’s about enhancing structures and picking the most effective words to make your meaning jump off the page. I rebuild sentences paragraphs or even whole documents, changing the order and adding support with headlines.

You decide how much you want changed.

3. Copywriting

I specialise in copywriting About me pages and profiles. It is hard to write about yourself, so tell me your story and I will put it into words that will appeal to your customers.

What I edit

These are examples of where I can help make your words shine:

  • web pages
  • printed marketing material
  • e-newsletters
  • business plans
  • reports
  • profiles
  • award entries
  • grant applications
  • manuals
  • guide books
  • internal comms

I am not a fiction editor but can put you in touch with people who are.

Clarity, simplicity, trust

Clarity helps your customers

Simple words are powerful tools when presented well. They give clarity and that helps people understand and make decisions more quickly and easily. I can find a clear way to describe complicated information.

Simplicity tells your story

Your business or organisation is unique and you know its life story, purpose or message. I can help you decide what to include, and what to leave out.

Trust protects your reputation

Even minor spelling mistakes or inconsistencies damage trust, cause confusion and slow people down. I can ensure your content is accurate and consistent.

Get in touch for a free consultation to find out how I can help you.

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