Hmm, did they mean to say ‘artesian’ biscuits?

A sign advertising artesian biscuits--thomas-editing

Artesian biscuits?

Artesian = ‘relating to or denoting a well that is bored perpendicularly into water-bearing strata lying at an angle, so that water is supplied by natural pressure’.

I think they meant:

Artisan = ‘a skilled worker who makes things by hand’.

Thomas Editing tip:

We’ve all been there! When writing anything for publication, step back from the A-board or word doc for five minutes. Then go back and check what you’ve written. Switch from enthusiastic creator to critical editor; assume you have made a mistake and look for it.

Your mind needs a break and conscious redirection to spot those ‘obvious’ errors.

Want your spelling checked and more? You supply the free happiness, great service and excellent products and I’ll do the less exciting bits to perfect the words.

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