Three things I love about Twitter

My cat Roger


Discipline, stories, shop windows … and cats. Why I’ve come to love Twitter

Once, I was wary of Twitter; now I know I’m addicted. (I can give it up whenever I want, of course … )

Three attributes make it worthwhile – and have me hooked – as I set myself up as Thomas Editing: copy-editing with clarity, simplicity and trust.


  • makes me edit every time I use it and, as an editor, that’s a very useful discipline. How do I make the most of 140 characters?
  • is jam-packed with different and real stories, which I think are the lifeblood of small business. I want to help you explain what you do or sell, and why it is special.
  • is a shop window for all that is inspiring, innovative, and tasty, right on my doorstep. Twitter helps me be positive and supportive towards everyone creating stuff. Yes, there’s also plenty to shock, outrage and upset, but sometimes the micro – my local ‘here and now’ – needs to outweigh the macro of world events that we can’t control. I want to help people look ahead.

And need I mention the cat pictures?

I can use words to give clarity, simplicity and trust to your business story. Get in touch for an obligation-free chat about my services and flexible fees.


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