Editing for charities

Your communication needs to be accurate and on time for those who matter to your charity or not-for-profit organisation.

Different projects

As an experienced copy-editor, you can use me to:

  • proofread leaflets about to go to press
  • improve the readability of a grant application
  • make technical / medical explanations easier to read
  • review your web page content for accuracy

And much more.

Different audiences

I can tailor content for:

  • service users
  • donors
  • fundraisers
  • service providers
  • funding bodies
  • grant bodies


  • ‘Her focus has been on getting our message across in an engaging and accurate way’
    ‘Rebecca has edited Terrence Higgins Trust messages and information for a range of different audiences, ensuring they are accurate, consistent and, importantly, easy to read and understand.
    ‘I would recommend her services – her focus has been on getting our message across in a clear, engaging and accurate way. Her ability to write for a range of audiences was wonderful along with her knowledge of research, evidence and review processes.’
    Caroline Barker, marketing and production manager at Terrence Higgins Trust

Get in touch to find out how I can help your organisation.

Choice of editing level

I want to make it easy for your customers or audience to read and understand what you offer.

All editing builds a foundation that:

  • supports your marketing and online search
  • builds your brand identity
  • answers customer questions before they are asked

You choose the level of editing you need.

So, you might want me to:

  • be your second pair of eyes and check for accuracy in a finished document
  • bring consistency and flow to a multi-authored report.
  • or help create your About Page from a list of ideas.


Different levels of editing

1. Proof-editing or proofing

Proof-editing is about spotting small mistakes at the last minute. I keep it simple and check spelling, grammar, consistency and factual accuracy. The aim is to change as little as possible.

This is good for important documents that you have spent a long time on. It offers an objective view.

2. Copy-editing – basic and developmental

Copy-editing starts with your existing copy. It’s about enhancing structures and picking the most effective words to make your meaning jump off the page. I rebuild sentences paragraphs or even whole documents, changing the order and adding support with headlines.

You decide how much you want changed.

3. Copywriting

I specialise in copywriting About me pages and profiles. It is hard to write about yourself, so tell me your story and I will put it into words that will appeal to your customers.

What I edit

I can help make your words shine on:

  • web pages
  • printed marketing material
  • e-newsletters
  • business plans
  • reports
  • profiles
  • award entries
  • grant applications
  • manuals
  • guide books
  • internal comms

I am not a fiction editor but can put you in touch with people who are.

Clarity, simplicity, trust

Clarity helps your customers

Simple words are powerful tools when presented well. They give clarity and that helps people understand and make decisions more quickly and easily. I can find a clear way to describe complicated information

Simplicity tells your story

Your business or organisation is unique and you know its life story, purpose or message. I can help you decide what to include, and what to leave out.

Trust protects your reputation

Even minor spelling mistakes or inconsistencies damage trust, cause confusion and slow people down. I can ensure your content is accurate and consistent.

Get in touch to find out how I can help your organisation.

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