How I charge

I charge by the hour. I’ve found this to be the fairest approach.

Every job is different, so my hourly rate depends on the level of editing or writing you want. That’s why I like to start with a conversation, with no obligations, to find out what you need and how long it is likely to take me. Please get in touch. 

Tell me your budget.  I can get a lot more done in an hour than you might think!

My minimum charge is for 30 mins – ideal if you need a final check of a short document.

My rates are based on those advised by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading and depend on the level of editing, writing or consultancy needed.

Professional member of Chartered Institute for Editing and Proofreading

The conversation

We start with a conversation, to find out:

  • what you want to achieve – sell more, reach more,teach more, get rid of the spelling mistakes.
  • what you’ve already got –  from content on your existing website to bullet points in a notebook
  • what you use – be it WordPress, Google Docs or slate and a piece of chalk 
  • how much you want me to change – I can proof-edit what you’ve already got and not move a word, or rewrite and restructure the whole thing!
  • who I might be working with –  just you,  designers, web team, senior person who has sign off 
  • your budget – I can add value, whatever you’ve got to spend.
  • your timescale –  need it soon,  or to start in six months time.

If you are interested:

I will need to see a sample or example of what needs to be worked on.
This allows me to assess how much time the job is likely to take.

It is also useful to know how much of the process you need to see; all track changes or just the finished product.

The estimate

I assess the information and based on this, I estimate:

  • what I can offer you – with a range of options
  • how long it will take
  • what the likely cost will be 

The estimate will include time for meetings, by phone or by video conferencing.

I also suggest our work flow – that’s when and how we communicate during the project.

You read, we clarify and then you decide.

The quote

I confirm what I can do, when and for how much.

This also confirms how the work will be delivered and how many *revisions (checks and changes) can be made.

When you accept the quote, it serves as a contract between us.

I will also send you a link to the Thomas Editing privacy policy.

The work

I get the job done, keeping you up to date with my progress and time spent.

Payment and feedback

I invoice 50% at the start of the job and 50% on completion.

I accept payment by bank transfer within 14 days of invoice. Credit card payments are acceptable in some circumstances.

I will ask you to give feedback on my work.

Homeworker – team approach

I work from home, using my own kit. (iMac, PC laptop and Chromebook). Though I mainly use Microsoft Word,  Google Docs and Acrobat Pro, I am experienced at adapting to different apps, programmes and content management systems.

I am happy to liaise directly with your graphic designers, web designers, photographers, journalists, marketers, PR, and print teams.

What's important to me

I want to be the right fit. It’s no fun for anyone if I’m not! 

Behaving ethically is an important personal value for me. So, if I think your money would be better spent with someone else with different expertise I will tell you.

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