New font works wonders for proofreading

Screen grab of Sans Forgetica
Sans Forgetica, that’s what you are…

Sans Forgetica is a new free font that’s scientifically designed to help you remember study notes. The little gaps in letters and a slight backward slant gives it ‘desirable difficulty’, which slows down reading and triggers memory.

A font-based top tip for proofreading – especially your own work – is: change the font when you print it out. Switch from onscreen Arial to American Typewriter on paper, say, or Times New Roman to Courier, and it suddenly seems fresh. Those strange spellings and missing spaces jump out at you. Also try changing the font size, and scattering bold through the text, especially if it’s a long document.

Like Sans Forgetica, this font switch will slow you down, switch on your brain and help you concentrate rather than skim read. Very useful for documents you’ve already spent a long time writing.

Important document? Bid? Essay? Advert? Get someone else to read it too – be it friend, family, colleague or professional proofreader and editor, a fresh pair of eyes can work wonders.

Have you got a favourite font? Helvetica? Arial? Nice bit of Comic Sans? I’m a Calibri woman myself.

Get in touch if you want to handover the proofreading pressure. I love it.


Download Sans Forgetica

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