Don’t let business copy get like an old mattress

Mattress dumped in the street Thomas Editing
Don’t abandon your pages like an old mattress

A mattress, just hanging around. Slumped on the wall. ‘Once people loved to flop onto me… now they just give me the swerve,’ it thinks.

Pages packed with wordy out-of-date copy can have the same effect on your website. You keep walking round the mattress, wondering if you should call the council. It gets more cumbersome every day. You turn a blind eye, while your potential customers cross the road to avoid it.

Call a professional copy-editor, copywriter or content designer; gloves on, we’ll be straight round with the van. We’ll replace that weary mattress with useable, accessible words that help people find what they need to know on your website.

Important stuff should be easy to read.

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